My thoughts on life

May 20, 2005


Wow, have I dropped off the face of the planet or what? I am about to wrap up my first week of semi-management at full time. That has been interesting for so many reasons. I just got my grades (two very good and one okay). I start my summer art class on Monday. Ethan’s parents are coming to visit this weekend. I’m trying to get sorted out the whole roommate situation for this summer and next year (and really ought to mention that whole aspect of life to my parents (landlords). Ethan and I just signed up for Netflix and have so far been happy with it. We discovered that PS2s, after a fall of about 12 inches turn magically into PS1s, and turning them back into PS2s costs about half as much as buying a new one. We also discovererd that LEDs on computer cases are bright and pretty. About 20 minutes ago during a late evening walk, I noticed something shiney and black in the grass that kind of looked like hair. After realizing it was a sleeping bird, I poked it gently with a stick and it looked around, then went back to sleep, so I picked it up, and then carried it home. We decided (Ethan and I) that taking it in the house would be bad, so we put it on a branch outside. It took quite a bit of effort because even though this bird would wake up when grasped, it would simply go right back to sleep, unmoved. If it’s still there in the morning we may have to take it in in some way and maybe contact a bird rescue. That sums up my last week (with a strange story at the end).