My thoughts on life

April 17, 2005


Oof, I’m really full. Ethan has a couple of vegetarian cookbooks and we’ve planned a few meals from them. We just had some pasta with veggies which was incredibly filling. It was also pretty tasty. It’s kind of nice to make something you haven’t tried before, especially when there are only about 10 staple foods you make regularly…

– I was reading some of the text at the beginnning of one of the books and it had some interesting information, like 75% of all federal poultry inspectors say that they do not eat chicken. It also debunked a few myths about vegetarianism, including the ideas that vegetarians don’t get enough protein or calcium. It was interesting to read about at least.

– I spent Saturday with Angie. We drove to an actual city and bought random things. I got to buy batteries and dish soap for acceptable prices. I also got my nails done. I feel a little weird about it since I haven’t had them done since jr. high or early high school, but I really enjoy them so why not?

– Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather having a nasty cold. This morning it hurt to breathe. Not very pleasant. Now I just feel like I just fell into a lake or pool and got a bunch of water up my nose. Hopefully I can get to bed early and will be miraculously better in the morning.