My thoughts on life

April 15, 2005


(Scream of frustration) There is a course I have to take as a C Sci major that is apparently only offered in the spring. This HAS to be followed by another course. To graduate by the end of next year, I should be taking that first course right now, but my advisor neglected to mention that it is only offered in the spring so… it isn’t available to me again until my last semester here. This is problematic if I have a course to take after that. Hopefully I can take one of the required courses at the same time as the prereq. If not I may just have to rage and scream. The worst part is, it’s completely her fault that I didn’t get into the course I should be taking right now, AND I was planning on taking it this semester. I could have taken the class I’m in now (Software Design) next semester with a more competent prof. Life is so terribly frustrating sometimes.


~.*.~ DREAM ~.*.~ Last night I dreamt that Eliana had been studying abroad and everyone just somehow thought she was dead. This doesn’t make any sense because she was killed in a car accident and I saw her body. She thought we were all silly for thinking she was dead. There was much hanging out and enjoyment. Despite how it may seem, it was a good dream.~.*.~