My thoughts on life

April 12, 2005


**Bunny update! I guess my mother has gotten a better look at the bunnies and she said a few look like they might be white, there are a couple of tan ones, at least one that is tan with dark gray points, and a couple of black ones. Because it’s still chilly and they’re still relatively furless she hasn’t taken them out to count yet, nor to take pictures.

– I just took a test in calculus and may I say that open book open note tests are definitely the way to go for that class. We have a test about every other week in that class and I personally feel that two weeks of calc are too many to hold onto…

– The rainy season is here! hopefully it will start to warm up enough so that I can move the cactus brigade outdoors. I really want to repot a few things, including a few plants the cats have knocked down and are now virtually without soil. There are also a couple that were starting to get tippy so I cut off the top portion and then basically stuck it on a bottom shelf to see if they would live or die and they continued growing… Plants are amazing.