My thoughts on life

April 13, 2005


Yesterday was a really good day. I had ordered a Foamy shirt and it arrived. It fits perfectly and looks awesome. Later, I was talking to one of my profs about various things and discovered that the cool knee chair thing in the lab belonged to him and he was thinking of tossing it out, and instead he gave it to me. It has a few rough edges but I’m hoping if I pester my dad enough he can make it even better than before. Maybe if I get it back in tip-top shape I can stop slouching and make my back feel better… Anyway, there was a speaker on campus last night who was talking about eating healthy and giving pointers on good nutrition. Ethan and I went (free healthy snacks for all) and while I didn’t learn a whole lot of new stuff, I finally got to hear a registered nutritionist say that the Atkins diet (along with the rest of those low carb fad diets) isn’t very good for your body. She also made implications that people on those diets are going to be less than satisfied in a few years. Anyway, I enjoyed her presentation and got a slight eye opener on how large real portions are. Oh yeah, she also flat out said that us humans do not need meat to survive and we can be very healthy just eating vegetable proteins. I enjoy hearing legitimate support for vegetarianism.