My thoughts on life

April 10, 2005


(So tired…) I’m really really excited because Wrenbigren is coming back in less than two weeks! I won’t get to see her until the thirtieth or so because I work and have class, so I’m kind of bummed, but YAY!!! I’m really glad I get to see her again! I’ve been so deprived of Wren this whole last year. There will be hugging and rejoicing all around.

– I’m uber tired right now, because last night Ethan, Angie and Matt decided to have movie night. We rented like 8 movies and then went to the theater and saw Ring 2 which I found just as disturbing and maybe more scary than the first. We then went to Matt’s place and found out that we’ve all lost our ability to stay up late, so we only made it through one movie: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, which Angie had never seen before. Being tired right now is really counter productive because I need to go to the dungeon and work on my silly project. Blarh!