My thoughts on life

April 7, 2005


Ha ha! Super cool! My mom just let me know that one of their rabbits had babies! She said that three are black and the rest are “light colored” and there are approximately eight of them. I’m hoping she can send me pictures. I’d really like to see them. I’m wondering if these are going to be giant rabbits… the mother is a huge black bunny, even though when we found her she was a skin and bones baby. The father is probably a medium sized lop bunny with brown and gray coloring. I’m really curious to see how the babies turn out.


I had totally forgotten that there was a blood drive going yesterday. I overheard someone mention it so I had to run down and make an appointment, then eat something and grab my donor card and come back. I discovered that the afternoon is the most busy time of the day, so I ended up waiting over an hour to give blood (when the actual giving took about five and a half minutes). I got home just in time to start dinner.

-Hmm, CSI is a rerun tonight… one we’ve seen at least once before. Perhaps we’ll go bowling or watch movies instead.