My thoughts on life

April 6, 2005


Blast! The alarm clock struck again! How annoying, only this time, I wasn’t the only one depending on it. This morning it was set correctly, turned on, and actually went off, but the frequency of the radio station was changed just enough so that instead of playing music at a moderate volume, it just played very quiet static. I woke up about an hour later (which would have been almost on time if it weren’t for bloody daylight savings) and then there was a flurry of getting readiness. I made it to class only 10 minutes late, and Ethan got to work a bit later than I. I guess it’s just a bad week for my alarm clock. Perhaps it will have second thoughts after I replace the damn thing with something better.

– I was hoping to buy a Foamy Shirt, but now I’m indecisive about which to get. I am pretty sure (based on other shirts I own) that the only size that would fit me is medium, and while the one I would buy without question is the FOAMY one, it is sold out in that size. The runners up are the tank top and SQUIRRELLY WRATH. I wish the second came as a tank top. Blarh. Hopefully I can decide soon and buy one.

– In a completely random note, the person who used to own this house just called here (I saw the name on the caller ID), and then hung up as soon as I said hello. What’s the deal with that I wonder?