My thoughts on life

April 4, 2005


My next goal


Blarh! The alarm clock got the best of me this morning. I did set it ahead, but forgot that the alarm was set for 9, not 8. So the alarm went off, and I, thinking I was on time, took a shower, got out, had breakfast, and was starting to get dressed when I realized that class was half over. How frustrating. I like to choose the days that I don’t go to class. Stupid alarm clock. I’ll throw it out the window one of these days and get a good alarm clock with two alarms on it. That would at least make sense.

– I was all anticipating Ethan getting home this morning between my classes, but apparently he’s going to be home much later… while I’m at work.. for another three hours. Bleah. I suspect by the time I get home from work to see him, I’ll be far too hungry and tired to care that he’s home.