My thoughts on life

March 28, 2005


Apparently I was looking at European times when I discovered that DST started last night. Thankfully Ethan looked it up again and found that it starts next week. I’m not a fan of it no matter when it starts. Stupid having to get up earlier. They say it saves on energy costs, but how and why?

– It’s finally warm enough for me to temporarily put some of my cactuses out. This means I can practically drown them with water and watch them grow. I can also start fertilizing again. I have a huge bag of fertilizer to deal with so I’m hoping to see similar rediculous growth spurts in some of these plants again. It’s weird to watch a plant you bought when it was the size of your thumb never grow at all, then suddenly start growing and growing and growing until it reaches almost two feet in height. Life will be nice when I have a greenhouse to put everything in so they’re happy all the time.