My thoughts on life

March 30, 2005


(This is sort of a never-ending day for me, hence several posts) I find myself on a computer with a monitor that is … really really huge. Someone said it’s 19″ but I am inclined to disagree. My arm from elbow to finger tips does not span from corner to corner on this beast. The screen res is set to 1600 x 1200. I discovered looking at this that some of my styles don’t look very good in resolutions higher than 1024 x 768. I keep meaning to make little pages to go with each style that sort of says what I was going for, and what are the best resolutions and browsers to look at them with. This thing is massive.


Episodes 15 – 23 of Red vs. Blue = very funny


Today I awoke to discover that during the night someone had apparently spilled juice all over the counter and then instead of using our miriad of dishcloths to clean up the mess, they just took the two clean dish towels, soaked them in water, and set them on top of the juice. When I found this, the counter now had a sticky dried puddle with a bug stuck in it and two soaking wet juice covered towels laying in a clump on it. What most disturbs me about this is the person who did this takes care of people with brain damage for a living. If you can’t clean up spilled juice without making a bigger mess, who trusts you with people who can’t take care of themselves? Maybe when she makes messes at work, the other people who work there just think it was one of the residents. (sigh)

– Recently I was introduced to the wonderful world of Red vs. Blue, a terribly amusing animated series created entirely with Halo (which I know nothing about). We sort of are using the teams in our Software D class. I’m Simmons on the red team. An apt choice if I may say so. I just noticed that the rolling archive has newer episodes which I must download and incorporate into my collection.