My thoughts on life

March 27, 2005


Hmm, so Easter is very disrupting in small towns. It was pretty warm out today (relatively speaking) so Ethan and I went for a walk. We decided that three days in a row of Subway wasn’t too many so we headed in that direction. After our trek across town, we found that Subway was only open for an hour and a half today. What’s the point of being open for an hour and a half in the morning? I don’t know. Anyway, right next door is Pizza Hut, so we wandered over only to find that Pizza Hut wasn’t due to open for another two hours… I was really tired and kind of wanted food at that point, so instead of walking home, we went to campus which was much closer. With nothing better to do, we ended up in the dungeon, watching my old “RoboGame” algorithm which is too much fun to explain here. We somehow did this until Scadlock, an old friend of Ethan’s, wandered up behind us. After a discussion of what is going on in everyone’s life, we decided to all head back to Pizza Hut. By then they should have been open for forty minutes, but the door was locked… Eventually a worker spotted us outside and let us in. She didn’t know the door was locked apparently. We ended up having Molly’s friend for a server, which worked out well for us — we got a discount and extra trips to the salad bar for free. I’m sort of exhausted from my day of walking (pathetic, I know) and I’m dreading the thought that tomorrow I have to get up an hour earlier than usual so that daylight comes at a more normal time… or something.