My thoughts on life

September 29, 2004


I had two dreams last night (at least I believe that they were separate). The first involved me having very long hair and it was apparently falling out. I wasn’t horrified by my hair loss, just sort of… irritated by it. The other was kind of about the Reverend. How strange.


Heh, last night was fun. I didn’t get done what I should have, but no matter. I was walking on campus and ran into Molly and found out I could get a free GLBT rights button so we went back to the table (with its pretty rainbow flag) and we ended up sitting behind it for quite some time. Then, the Reverend Anthony showed up. It was rather odd, so he sat behind the table as well. The whole thing was kind of funny because none of us were really supposed to be sitting there (though we do all support GLBT rights).

– I just discovered that one of my pretty bowls is chipped. I could cry. I guess this means no one will be using those ever again unless it’s me. How infuriating. Those were my favorite present last christmas and now one has a big ugly chip out of it’s delicate little rim. I doubt I can replace it. I wish things like this didn’t happen. I mean I know I shouldn’t have an emotional investment in my bowls for god’s sake, but theyr’e special. I only used them for soup. Damnit.