My thoughts on life

September 30, 2004


YAY!!! U.S. House Rejects Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage. At least someone has some sense. I especially like the quote at the end: “Republican leaders … ‘want to taint that great document by enshrining discrimination in it.'” Happiness and great joy should be had by all (except for those threatened by the lifestyles of others despite the fact that they are not harmed by them).


I love debating things like “have a headache all day or take something that will fix the headache but make work very difficult because you are no longer coherent.” I chose medication.. It’s becoming complicated to talk customers through simple things… (yawn, stretch). I could sleep through the next several hours of work (if there weren’t others here to observe this) and still be tired. We’re doing CSI tonight, despite the fact that it won’t be on, so we’ll actually just have fun time Thursday movie night with pizza or something similar. Mmmm pizza. Damn medication and side-effects… stupid headache in the first place. Waking up with a headache is not so fun. Not so fun at all. This is made more irritating when it’s accompanied by two cats who act like they’ve not been fed for days (when really they were fed on time the night before and it’s not time for them to eat again yet).

– In other, less annoying news, I’ve started looking at beadwork for a new project. There are a few ways you can attach beads to fabric and I’m thinking they would be fun to try out. I’ve wanted to make a fringe for my purple wrap skirt I made for awhile now, but I’m lazy and most fringes look pretty ghetto. What I found though is that I could edge it in bead and then put beady fringes off of that. That would be beneficial too because if it’s windy the skirt kind of blows around a lot and I find myself exposing quite a bit of leg. Since beads are nice and heavy they might reduce the exposer factor by quite a bit. I’ll have to practice on scraps first so I don’t fuck up my skirt. That would be sad.