My thoughts on life

September 27, 2004


I finally worked on Wren’s Venezuela page today. There’s still other stuff I have to do with it and I should, but it’s easier to work on that at home (I’m at work right now). On Saturday I went to the fabric store with Mini Morgan. Even though it closed at 3 and we got there at 4 they let us in and we ended up shopping for like an hour and a half (which is somewhat disturbing since it’s a really little shop) but most of the time was spent looking for a certain pattern because I found the perfect fabric for it, but didn’t have the pattern on hand to know how much to buy (This is the pattern if you’re interested). I also found a good pattern for pants and I bought some crazy green flannel to make them. I’m kind of excited. Now that I’ve completed a few things, it’s less intimidating. Like always, I bought the pattern and the fabric and didn’t buy thread, buttons, a zipper… gah. I cut the whole pattern out and then just sort of hit myself in the forehead and went back to the store today. I think these pants will be really neat. This brings up the point by the way, that even though I never know what size I wear when I go into a store (except for bras) pattern sizes are pretty regular and standard. At 5’7 and 140 lbs, I wear a 14. I have gone into stores and purchased pants that are size 6 that fit me. I find that disgusting. Apparently while pattern sizes have remained unchanged, retail sizes have turned to crap.

– I rented Taking Lives this weekend and watched it with Ethan. It was not what I expected. If you don’t like gory dead bodies, don’t watch it. Although, you do get to see Angelina almost naked, but by that time, you may be past the point of enjoying it. I shouldn’t say these things though, because I could be contacted by some really *special* person who enjoys the whole face-smashed-in-with-a-rock thing and just sees Angelina as dessert. I’m not going to think about this anymore.

– By the way, I read this article – Measure weights in centigrams to ease workout pain and I found it much funnier than it probably is. I sometimes want to kill my pickle jar too.


I had a bad dream last night. I don’t remember what it was about now… It was probably caused by watching that stupid movie again. I shouldn’t call it stupid, I liked it, but still. Stupid nightmares. I thought that was one of those things that you outgrow. Actually, I did outgrow them, they just came back. Maybe this is punishment for thinking of really unfortunate things all the time. At least when I was a little kid I wasn’t creative enough to come up with really scary things. I dreamt that snakes were chasing me or something. Now though, my unconscious mind is pretty capable of disturbing the hell out of me. I really, really want to start keeping a log of my dreams.