My thoughts on life

September 9, 2004


I’m at work, trapped for another hour and a half. I realized I haven’t posted much recently and I really ought to (for the 2 people that read my site). There’s a fly buzzing around. It’s been here since I arrived four hours ago. Bleah. I managed to swat it once, but only upset it without apparent injury. It would almost be amazing if it weren’t so annoying and gross. What it it’s fixation with the keyboard anyway? Probably pounds of crumbs and spilled sticky-sweet beverages congealing inside, just ripe for the eating. If any customer brings in a computer with maggots growing in the grossness inside, I don’t know what I’ll do. Probably vomit.

– I enjoyed my time in the cities. Ethan, his sister, her roommate, and their (Ethan and Beth’s) parents and I all went to this neat restaraunt called Sawatdee’s. I thought the food was great. I ended up feeding off of it for the next few meals. Mmmm Thai food. The best thing is, there’s more than one, so when the one I’m used to inevitably closes (It’s been my experience that for unknown reasons, good southeast asian restaraunts that I like a lot tend to close within a year or so of my discovering them) there will still be more that I can go to.

– I played Trivial Persuit again on Saturday (which was crazy because of the 5 times I’ve played that in my whole life, two of them were in the last week). Eventually it got a little overwhelming because Beth and her roommate were laughing uncontrollably for the last hour or so of the game.

– Ethan and I went to the fair on Sunday which was fun. I’ve decided that someday I must own a goat. They are just very fun creatures. They’re like my cats kind of, fun to watch, fun to pet, cute… Probably occasionally annoying too. I really only like fairs for the rides and the animals and State fairs overcharge for rides like nobody’s business so I tend to avoid those ones. After hours of dragging Ethan through every single animal barn, we left, and it immediately started pouring. Good timing I guess.

– At some point in there Ethan got a new PS2, and then we went and stupidly bought used games. I should have known better but my brain failed me. I got Soul Reaver and Legend of Mana (which I already have but again, I got it used and so it tends to skip/freeze/die). Miraculously the new copy works just fine, but Soul Reaver refused to load. We brought it back and got a different copy and that did the same. I’m doomed. Ethan got Vice City and FF8 … Final Fantasy froze about 1 minute in, but Vice City seems to work fine. I don’t understand why peole beat the shit out of their games. I’m so careful about my cds and dvds. But then I would pretty much never sell a cd or dvd. I also don’t understand why the used game stores don’t try the games they buy. I mean it would take about 5 minutes to see if a game loaded. Even 10 minutes of gameplay is better than that. I’m sure people destroy their games because they don’t take care of them, then sell them, knowing full well they won’t be around when the thing is purchased and found to be utterly toast. Stupid irresponsible cretins.

– So today I had to face the cold hard fact that I am completely out of food. well, not completely, but when you don’t have bread or milk, there’s a problem. Especially when you have five minutes to have breakfast and all you have is pasta that needs to be cooked. I plan on buying groceries as soon as I get home. Then I can try to do my stupid calculus assignment using a program I don’t have because my teacher didn’t know what she was talking about. Ghetto. Anyway, later I’m going to see The Manchurian Candidate. I don’t know too much about it but it sounds good. The librarian who likes my hair and seems rather interested in the books/movies I check out also recommended it to me a few weeks ago. Hopefully it will be fun.