My thoughts on life

September 11, 2004


On Thursday I watched the Manchurian Candidate. I thought it was pretty good. I should read the book one of these days. It’s supposedly more mysterious, like you don’t know what’s going on in it. At least, that’s what the librarian told me. All I can really say is unhealhy mother-son relationship. Really unhealthy.

– Speaking of unhealthy, Ethan came here early this weekend (that’s not the unhealthy part) and we went to see Supersize Me which finally came to the theater here. I really recommend seeing that. It may sicken you… or at least convince you not to eat fast food ever again. I’m all for SubWay. Mmmm SubWay…

– Molly told me about this cartoon thing online called “Salad Fingers.” I watched a couple episodes this morning with Ethan. He left the room partway into the second. It’s kind of disturbing in a happy fun way. You would have to see it to have any idea what I mean. Just Google salad fingers and watch what comes up.