My thoughts on life

September 3, 2004


Yay! So I’m leaving tonight to go to the cities. I’ll be there until Monday morning. Yippee. I get to hang out with Ethan and his sister and parents, which one might think would be worrying, but it’s not. In fact they’re pretty fun people.

– Last night I got to watch CSI. That was so nice. I’ve missed Angie and Toby and our CSI nights all summer long. When it was over, we played Trivial Persuit and I somehow won (sort of). We played until very late and then we all left to go to sleep…

– My first week of classes (which isn’t quite over yet) went okay. Some classes are harder than others of course. Gah! I’m currently fending off someone online who apparently targeted me as some sort of cyber interest… Nothing like fending off the morons between classes.