My thoughts on life

July 8, 2004


Okay… Yesterday and today I installed Apache, PHP, mySQL and phpMyAdmin on my computer. Now I’m more motivated to work on the new layout because I can preview everything until it’s perfect before uploading it. It also means that I don’t waste bandwidth (not that I’ll ever reach my limit) or create false hits so to speak, trying to see if things work or not. Now the ‘rancid’ style is finished (at least as far as I can see right now), I’m mostly done with the stars style, dislikes and likes are both complete. Quotes now works as well. I still have quite a bit left to do, but it’s progress. I ought to put all of these things in updates, but I haven’t really added content. I will as soon as I finish this new task.

– I also implemented a membership system. At the moment the benefits to signing up are rather scarce, but soon you will be able to leave comments/feedback without filling in your name. Also I plan to have some friends only and members only pages. Sign up if you’d like.