My thoughts on life

July 11, 2004


On Friday I went to the cities (more or less) and visited Heather on her birthday. Rory was there and it was really nice to see her after so long. We had a great time just basically hanging out. We also managed to get Heather this game she really wanted, called Fatal Frame II which I thought was actually pretty cool. I’m not terribly into games though, so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Kelly was back from Bosnia and she bought us all these neat puzzle boxes, where the key and the key hole are hidden. It was fun trying to figure it out. I talked to Ethan last night and he was very excited because he got his kayak (I think that’s how it’s spelled). I’m glad he got something he really wants. He’s going to be up to visit on Thursday (YAY) and he’s bringing the kayak with him, so he’ll have something to do all afternoon while I’m in class.

– In other news, I still hate Internet Explorer. If you are using that browser please, for the love of god, download Mozilla Firefox. It is such a superior browser. No pop-ups! I planning on adding a page that lists the benefits of using any browser that’s not IE.