My thoughts on life

July 4, 2004


I had a great weekend. There was quite a bit of driving, but at this point that’s something I can easily cope with. Ethan and I got to my aunt and uncle’s cabin Friday evening around 6:15 or something like that. That evening we watched Secret Window which I’d already seen and Duplex. I still think that Secret Window is an awesome movie. Duplex was interesting and kind of funny but it was difficult to really enjoy for a few reasons, mainly that the protagonists did a bunch of illegal and stupid things, so eventually you didn’t really pity them…

– Anyway, the next day we spent pretty much entirely on the lake. I’m definitely sore now. my body is kindly thanking me for the exercise, and believe me, tubing at my aunt’s cabin IS exercise. That night we watched Bad Santa. I had really low hopes for that flick but it ended up being hilarious. It was kind of awful at the same time… And the main character reminded me strongly of my friend’s dad…

– We left this morning after having breakfast at this cute little diner that was pretty much packed. I’m not really looking forward to getting up at 8 am tomorrow, but I don’t really have much choice, so off to bed I soon go.