My thoughts on life

July 2, 2004


I’ve been working on a new layout for the site. It took me awhile to make sure that I could get the whole thing to work, and now that I’m sure, I’m building up all the back-end stuff so that when I switch over, it works without a hitch. You can check out the new layout. It only works with two style sheets right now (stars and rancid) so if it looks generally blank and ugly, click one of those two styles in the menu on the left and it should right itself. You can really only look at two pages for now, but I’m working on it daily.

– I’m really excited because today after work, I get to leave for my aunt’s cabin and go tubing. It will be my first lake experience this summer. Sadly the weather doesn’t look fantastic, but hopefully that won’t stop us… hopefully the weather people are wrong and the weather will be perfect! (I’m not really this optimistic, just deluded)