My thoughts on life

April 21, 2004


I wanted to buy Nowhere.com… but some stupid fuck named Lisa Seaman has had it for 10 years… and THERE ISN’T A PAGE THERE. Jesus fucking christ. What did she do? wake up one day and say I want nowhere.com.. but not for any real reason…. I won’t put a page there. That would be a sane thing to do. She has it for another 3 years too. I wonder if I can email her and ask her what the fucking deal is. It’s like some sort of tease. Bitch.

– Anyway, last night I saw Calendar Girls which was hilarious. Be prepared to translate from UK english to American english though. If you’re no good at that, you probably won’t get it. Anyway, it’s a funny movie as I expected it to be. If it’s still in theaters near you, go see it, or wait til it’s on video and rent it. I promise you don’t get any excessive nudity from old women, for the most part it’s all covered up.