My thoughts on life

April 19, 2004


(Evil laughter) I’VE DONE IT!!! At least, I’ve started doing it… um… Yeah, so if you’ve been reading previous posts, you’ll know that I’ve been working on this style thing… where the different styles follow you though the site. Well, I don’t have it so you can choose yet.. and it doesn’t incorperate the whole site, BUT when you go to the sea index or the rancid index if you go to the dislikes page it has the same style. Yeah, that’s just one step in the right direction but god, has it taken a lot of effort. Anyway I’m elated that I got it to work this far. I’m kind of bored at work and itching to see Ethan since he’s been away all weekend and somehow managed to get back while I was in class. Only an hour and 45 minutes to go… Now I can work on the task of making it so every page uses the styles… and make some more indices for each style.. fun fun.