My thoughts on life

April 24, 2004


Hmm… I just saw Hellboy. I was unimpressed. I didn’t have high expectations, but there seems to be some sort of tentacle obsession on the part of the art director or design crew. Also, the CG at the beginning was sad. Just plain sad. The whole thing sort of defines anticlimactic. I think the only neat things about the film were Abe the fish guy and the rather awesome looking hounds (which would have been ten times more awesome without the fucking tentacles). If you haven’t seen this already, don’t. Or, watch it to make fun… either way… not a great film.

– In other news, my parents came today and installed a bunch of things in the house. That was interesting. They met Ethan for the first time. Also interesting… Other than that it’s been a fairly boring day… with a wonderfully unimpressive movie at the end of it.