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August 4, 2013 Gardening , ,

Garden Harvest

This year we planted just a few things, but were a little more careful about spacing the plants, and planting them at the right times, compared to last year. We planted one plant each of three tomato varieties, three cucumber plants, a couple of pepper plants, four soybean (edamame) plants, a cantaloupe, and some basil.

We have two raised beds, and this year we forgot to amend one of them with any compost before planting, and the plants in it have looked a little weak compared to those in the other bed. As a stop-gap to get some much needed nutrients into the soil, and add some air and moisture retention to it, I tilled in some pelleted alfalfa around the plants. I’m hoping that this will be sufficient to keep the plants happy until everything is ready to harvest from that bed, as we won’t have more compost ready until next Spring.

In spite of the poor soil quality in the first raised bed, the cucumbers are doing really well. I just harvested three good sized cukes, and saw many more that will be ready in the coming weeks. The vines are planted along the edge of the bed closest to our chain link fence, and they are starting to climb the fence, which will make locating and harvesting the fruits so much easier than on the ground.

I also picked the first modest handful of cherry tomatoes. They are sweet and flavorful, and I can’t wait until tomato season is in full swing. There are so many green tomatoes on our plants this year that we will surely have more than we can eat, even with just three plants. I’m excited at the thought of tomato salads with fresh basil and cucumber, thick slices of tomatoes on salads, and pasta with fresh tomato sauce.

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