My thoughts on life

October 10, 2006


For whatever reason, our alarm clock is tuned to AirAmerica, so every morning Ethan and I wake to the sounds of some Democrat voicing his opinion. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes not, but this morning, it was kind of irritating. Apparently before the alarm went off, they were talking about former (?) Senator Foley and a republican called in to request a change of subject. When the alarm went off, another caller was saying that of course a republican would want a subject change because foley is making the republicans look bad…

First of all, as far as I’ve heard (feel free to correct me here, I try to pay attention to these things as little as possible) all that has happened is some inappropriate comments and invitations, but no actual physical assault occured, no one was hurt, just possibly offended. If Foley had been sending emails to young girls who worked with him, would any of this be in the media? Maybe if one of the girls actually was involved in a sexual act. Maybe. This whole thing is just proving how uptight and homophobic most of America really is.

Second, why would Foley’s acts make republicans look bad? Not that I’m trying to defend right wing conservatives here, but if you want a bad image, get our current President or maybe Strom Thurmond up on stage. These guys are (were in Thurmond’s case) doing their best to hold to republican ideals, and giving good displays of just how restrictive, unfair and unhelpful those ideals can be. Having a member of your political party do things you don’t agree with, but have nothing to do with politics should not make your party look bad.

I really just needed to vent some steam there. If anyone has some information that I missed out on that might drastically change my point of view, please let me know.

I’m thinking of maybe adding headings to my posts, though that might have to wait until the new year. If I take that on, other projects could quickly follow. I’ll have to see.

I always had some fantasy of making different ‘skins’ for this site that go with the seasons, and then putting them up as the default skin say for halloween and the equinoxes and solstices. There would surely be others, but I haven’t even managed one, so I’ll try not to get too excited. Anyway I seem to have digressed a great deal. Perhaps I should read the news (boo) and then see how much time I have left on my lunch break…