My thoughts on life

September 30, 2006


I completed my first week of work at The Wedge and I think I’m going to enjoy the hell out of my new job! There was an amazing amount of things to learn (I’m sure there will be plenty more to come) and I feel a little bit overwhelmed, but everyone has made it quite clear that they don’t expect me to memorize every bit of information that’s being thrown at me, and they have all been very friendly and helpful. One extremely cool thing (in total contrast with WFHM) is that they want everyone to know at least a little about every area of the store. That way, each employee isn’t mentally working in a vacuum from the rest of the store.

– I’m currently wearing my uber-sexy shower cap and stocking cap combo, with henna seeping into my hair. Last time I made up my henna, I added a lot of cinnamon and discovered that cinnamon actually tingles if you have enough of it packed on your skin. That made me kind of nervous the first time it happened but it’s worth the tingling to have your hair smell wonderful for days. As far as I can tell that’s all that the cinnamon does. Although I would guess that if it makes my scalp feel this way, it might be increasing blood circulation, which has to be good for my hair and scalp.