My thoughts on life

September 26, 2006


Sorry I haven’t posted lately. I started at the Wedge yesterday and had a very busy, informative day. It was also really fun. I met about 100 people and already forgot all of their names. Hopefully I will have some of them down by the end of the week. Everything there seems to go at a whirlwind pace, but somehow it has a very laid back feeling to it.

– Yesterday I had several meetings, several tours around the building (each involving a number of introductions), plus a drive out to the warehouse with Tak (rhymes with hawk), my manager, and then to a computer parts store to get parts for my new computer. My first real task was putting that computer together. Today I installed Linux on the computer with help from Tak, then we reformatted the harddrive and I installed it again with much less help. I installed several programs (the very first things I have ever installed in Linux) and as I left I was downloading a new version of MySQL so that tomorrow I can install that, PHP and Apache.

– I keep leaving work with a smile on my face, and then, realizing that, I get even happier. It’s so fun to have a job that’s enjoyable. I’m not staring at the clock all day waiting for quitting time.

– Tonight is another episode of Nip/Tuck, so I’m expecting my day to just get better.