My thoughts on life

September 14, 2006


Hmm, it’s been a while since my last post and I have lots of news. First, the mediocre: Ethan and I got some spaghetti squash from my parents’ garden and it was a very unique experience to cook and eat. If you have not tried it, I suggest you attempt to find some, then bake it at 350(F) until it’s soft enough to stab with a fork (oh, poke some holes into it with a knife before popping it in the oven, if you know what’s good for you) and then cut it in half, seed it and scrape the insides out with a fork. Voila! It turns into spaghetti! It’s a bit crunchier and it never gets sticky, and it’s amazingly filling. Yum.

– After interview #3 at the Wedge Co-op, I got a call from the IT manager and found out that I was hired! (much dancing and rejoicing). My first day is Monday the 25th and I am counting down the days. (more dancing and rejoicing). I will certainly miss my co-workers here at WFHM, but I am so excited to actually have a job that is related to computers. Also, I am reminded constantly at my current job that I lead a much healthier life than the average American. For instance, today we were given microwave popcorn packs and soda as a small reward for — wait, that’s more news I should have already talked about… anyway, as a reward, and I don’t drink soda or eat microwave popcorn (palm oil = very no), so it’s not very rewarding for me. They also constantly have doughnuts, which I generally stay away from. All the people eat at McDonalds… It will be a huge relief to be working with people who follow a generally healthy lifestyle and I can relate to in a culinary way. I really miss having cookouts with Jessi and Chris where no one was staring at someone else’s food and either being grossed out or making snide comments.

– The news that I forgot to mention, but that is less important now, is that at WFHM they announced that we would be working mandatory overtime. A lot of it. Until we clear our inventory backlog of over 1100 files. Ugh. So I’ve been working a lot this week. I already have 35 hours or so in, with the rest of today and all of Friday to add to that. Plus Saturday if I need to get more files done. On top of that the temp agency failed to pay me again so I have had the added fun of getting ahold of them to sort that out. Hopefully I will have a nice deposit in my account tomorrow morning.

– Ethan suggested that I should reward myself for landing such an awesome job at such a cool place by getting a new monitor. My current monitor is a 15″ CRT that came with my old Dell. My new monitor, which should be arriving next week, is a 19″ LCD which is much more ‘graphic artist,’ especially since I might just keep both of them and have them side by side. (I’m still a geek, remember?). Well, I should get back to my very late lunch break so that I may leave on time to go get my new license plates, then come back here to continue pushing out files. I foresee a very large paycheck in the future (assuming they actually pay me…), maybe I’ll buy some clothes. Or make a large car payment. One of the two.