My thoughts on life

September 3, 2006


Well, all seems to be going well, more or less. I still have the two job prospects, and I’m hoping to hear back from them next week. I keep worrying that I’ll end up being rejected on both fronts (which sadly isn’t that far fetched of an idea) and will be stuck at my current job, while my brain atrophies.

My parents came to visit today, and actually saw our new apartment. This prompted Ethan and I to do a lot of cleaning. Thankfully some of that was moving things down into our storage unit so that it’s not cluttering our apartment. This is very good.

I was going to clean out my old car today, drive it to my parents’ house and unload the aquariums (yes, they have been in my car trunk for some time now, ever since I removed them from my old house) and then drive it on to James’ house to sell to him, but unfortunately, he is terrible with his money, and spent most of it on god knows what, then his dog had to go to the vet, and so he doesn’t have enough to buy the car now. He said he should have it soon. I may just drive it up to my parents house tomorrow, then when he can afford to, he can pick it up there and give them the money. It wouldn’t be taking up space here in the lot, and I wouldn’t have to worry about making a trip up there later when he has the money. We shall see.