My thoughts on life

August 28, 2006


Hep. My new car is working great (aside from the inconvenience of a semi-broken fuel-door release) and I drove it all over on Friday, all weekend, and drove it to work today. This weekend I also did some new stuff in Blender for the first time in months. I’ll post some mid-progress images soon. I also made a small update to the site, adding a mileage log for my new Prius. Hopefully I’ll remember to actually track it so that it doesn’t become stale and useless. I’m also poking around a few ideas for some new skins for this site.

Tonight I’m going to the state fair with Metogan, Wren and Ethan. Hopefully Wren and Metogan won’t protest too much if I want to hang out and look at the goats and sheep for awhile. They’re such fun, soothing creatures.

Back to work I go…