My thoughts on life

August 21, 2006


Egad. I think I must be excruciatingly unhappy with my current situation. I am starting to plan things that won’t happen for months (or years in some cases) which makes me think that I don’t want to be in the present. Among things I’ve been thinking about: Thanksgiving. I would like to have another vegan thanksgiving holiday, and anyone who would like to join (probably not a lot of people, who are generally turkey obsessed) are welcome. Also, Ethan and I spent a great length of time last night discussing moving. That won’t happen for at least two years. I am alreadying worrying about how the cats will take a long distance move. We decided that most of our furniture will probably go. I was terrified at the idea of losing my wonderful bed, but then we discovered that a complete replacement would cost less than $800. That makes it a little easier, especially since my bed is… well, something like 12 years old, and apparently 15 years is about how long you can expect a soft side waterbed mattress to last. two years down the road it will probably be mostly dead.

– Thankfully, there may be light at the end of the tunnel and I might soon be much happier. I actually have some decent job prospects, including one person who I’ve been playing phone tag with. I consider it a good sign that he has tried to call me more than once, even though we haven’t gotten ahold of each other. That probably means he would like me to work for him (woot). Hopefully it doesn’t mean that the job is terrible. I’m trying to stay positive. Also, we started the thank you cards yesterday (after a ton of hassle, procrastination and exhaustion). We only have a dozen or so left, so we will probably finish them tonight and ship them off. Because we waited so long, we were able to include professional wedding pictures with all of them, so at least there’s a bonus.

– I probably shouldn’t be posting at work, even during lunch, but I really am starting to dread this place, more so than when I started, so if they fire me, I don’t think it will be all that tragic.