My thoughts on life

August 13, 2006


Yesterday I went up to my parents’ cabin to hang out with a gathering of my dad’s relatives. Lezlie showed up as well, briefly. There was a lot of beer, and plenty of grilled foods and a game I’ve never played before, that I will probably never play again, involving beanbags and some boards with holes in them. I can’t aim. Or throw. The weather was very nice for a gathering though, a little bit of sun to keep it warm, but not enough to drives us into the lake.

– I finally finished uploading my tubing pics, after Lezlie practically accosted me yesterday for not having her AirChair picture up. I was hoping to get more family pics yesterday, but as usual I forgot my camera. I did see some more photos from the wedding, but unfortunately my aunt Fran who took them didn’t know how to get digital copies. If all else fails, I might ask for some hard copies and then just scan them up on my parents’ scanner. I’m pretty sure more of my friends have pictures too, but none that I’ve seen yet…

– All of this photography stuff makes me want to get a nicer camera, but then again, I would rather have some new clothes and a real TV stand, so a camera will have to wait. Possibly for awhile.