My thoughts on life

November 10, 2005


Well, I’ve made some actual progress on my Sem II paper, which is good. I need to keep working on it since I only have part of a pitiful first draft so far, but that’s much better than nothing (and means now I’m close ot only a week behind).

– I decided to clean off my chinnies’ bags since they were starting to look rather gray. Bella’s was mostly just fur and dust covered, but Rooster’s… well, his was scary and needed a good, thorough washing. Why is it that the boys are always the dirty ones? At any rate, lots and lots of hand washing seemed to be going nowhere so I finally surrendered his bag to the washing machine. He’s now giving me dirty looks and making little upset noises, I’m sure because he wants to sleep and his bedroom has been confiscated.

– Apparently I haven’t mentioned this yet, but Ethan and I have been watching Invader Zim through Netflix recently. That is such an insane cartoon. Zim is this over-confident Irken invader alien who is making an effort to take over Earth. His superiors back home have no faith in his abilities (after a mishap in which he attempted to invade his own planet…) and so issued him GIR, a retarded counterpart to the SIR (Standard Issue Reconnaissance) robots given to the other Irken invaders. This all sounds very stupid, but Gir is really cute and hilariously funny. Zim and his nemesis Dib are quite entertaining as well, but America loves Gir!