My thoughts on life

November 5, 2005


Ethan went to the twin cities this weekend to look for (and possibly buy!) an engagement ring. I knew I’d be lonely without him around, so I asked my friend Wren to come visit. Being that there’s very little to do out here, she and I basically watched movies and talked all night and morning, but that’s not so different than how we spent our time growing up.

– This afternoon Ethan’s mom called, looking for him, and finding him not at home had a rather long, meandering and welcome conversation with me. It makes me feel really happy and relaxed that I seem to fit in so well with Ethan’s family. My friend Angie has been having issues with her boyfriend’s mother, and I can only imagine how upsetting that would be. Thankfully I don’t think that’s anything I’ll have to worry about.

– I’ve gotten quite a lot of work done on my Sem II paper, but none of it is very tangible at the moment. I did a lot of reading and re-reading. I’m pretty sure I need at least one more primary source at this point… I suppose I should go find one and leave this for another time.