My thoughts on life

October 7, 2005


Yesterday I was feeling especially spacey and got confused about when my class started. Unfortunately by the time I remembered correctly, the class was mostly over. In the meantime though, I was able to make vast improvements on the new version of my site. There are still plenty of things that need doing. I haven’t yet converted all of the content (or even, sadly, most of it), but I’ve been working on improving scripts and such. When it’s up and running, peeps will be able to respond to all posts (even back in 2003, if someone felt up to it), and I’ll get an email right away about it, so I can post a response in a timely manner. I’m thinking of adding email alerts to other user input, like the feedback, so again, I know when it’s been submitted and I can look at it right away. I’ve been changing around the login/logout scripts so now when you log out it doesn’t ask if you want to, you just get redirected to the homepage.

– Given no input from the owners about what to do in the office, Brad and I have been making random changes to things like bills (so they look professional) and the website (cause hey, the company I work for supposedly does webdesign and webhosting, so maybe it would make sense for their site to look up to date and have functionality… which reminds me, I have to call and complain somewhere else).