My thoughts on life

October 6, 2005


~.º.§ DREAM §.º.~ I had another strange dream. This one was completely baffling. First of all, there was some nervous, famous person, and he was upset by a girl who came to see him. He told one of his body guards (or whatever they are) that he didn’t want her around, and his insane body guard stabbed her to death and cut off her head. He then brought the head to the celebrity guy who got really upset (understandably) and put the head in his hotel garbage can (not very smart) and then fled (really dumb). Then later, he was like, sitting around a pool with a few other girls, and there were sort of aggressive dogs… and the cops came and arrested everybody. Then the ‘pool’ girls were explaining to the cops why they were there. Perhaps this whole thing means I watch a wee too much CSI.

– I suddenly wonder if The Excorcism of Emily Rose has ‘disturbing imagery’ in the rating description… (wanders off to find out)