My thoughts on life

September 14, 2005


I decided I was sick of blond entirely and dyed my hair black (or sort of really, really dark purple). I think it turned out well. I’ve gotten a few “your hair looks nice” comments and a few “I didn’t recognize you”s. My goal is to try and look like Tricia Vessey. I know this was a step in the right direction, but I don’t know how successful my attempts will be.

– On a completely unrelated topic, the good people from Minnegasco decided to come to our home at 8 am, dig up the lawn and then sort of leave the entire back yard and driveway in a messy state of disarray. They apparently don’t really care what we think about the whole situation because they do have a monopoly so we can’t really get pissed and switch gas companies. What a shame.

– In my latest conversation with her my mom told me (not for the first time) that I’m too negative… so perhaps I should try to think of something positive to say… Ooh! Here’s one! Ethan found a better paying job run by people who don’t seem to be driven to mismanage their business to death. He had an interview and was hired Monday morning, which means he no longer has to suffer the indignities of working for people who neither respect nor appreciate you or anything you do. I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought that our pitiful wages weren’t sufficient. Hmm, I got sort of negative towards the end there. Shoot. Anyway, I’m happy that Ethan won’t have to work a place that so closely resembles Hell, and will be making more money. (happy dance)