My thoughts on life

September 11, 2005


So classes + work are turning out to be more time consuming (or mentally consuming) than they were last year. My classes are going well at least. I think they are all pretty fun (except Sem II, but let’s not even talk about that), or at the very least interesting. I also got a good selection of profs.

– I discovered that our campus performing arts group somehow got Louden Wainwright III to come play at our school. Neat if you ask me. Ethan and I went to see him last night. It was a great show. It’s sort of difficult to explain why if you don’t know who Louden is. If you’re curious, you should rent 28 Days and watch for the guy with the guitar. He also did a bunch of the soundtrack for that movie. Nice stuff I tell you.

– (sigh) I’m too tired to really think of more to say. Stupid brain.