My thoughts on life

July 6, 2005


Wow. I spent the fourth of July weekend up at my parents’ cabin with Ethan. Most of the time we were at my Aunt’s cabin being beaten against a lake with a tube. Ah what fun we had. I’m actually starting to recover. My knee has scabbed over, most of my bruises are entering that kind of green stage and I can almost put on my backpack without the feeling that my arms may break free. I really need to get out to their cabin again some time this summer and do it all again. I wonder if anyone can know how fun tubing really is until they’ve experienced it themself.

– I’m also starting to acquire the parts for my new dream computer. (I am such a nerd) So far I only have the motherboard, and I was going to order the case and power supply today, with the hopes that I could plug in components from my old computer for the time being… but the power supply that I chose is apparently too good, and is sold out. I haven’t looked at other suppliers I guess, but I don’t know how long they will be sold out on this one. Arrg. At any rate, I’m really excited about getting something more befitting of my C Sci major status.

– My plants (I really am a nerd) are all doing great outside. One of them is even flowering. I must say that they are still the most unimpressive flowers I’ve ever seen. You can check out the same flowers from last year. Their might be more this time, so perhaps I should take more pictures. I’m really hoping that some more of my plants flower. That always makes me feel like I’m doing a good job taking care of them.

– I got to see my mom’s bunnies again this weekend. They are still terribly cute, even if they’ve become unsocial. Poor terrified things. I was undeterred by their fright and ended up with a number of bleeding scratches on my torso and arms. A worthy price for getting to hold an adorable creature, if you ask me. One of them turned out to have really cute airplane ears… I should try to get a picture of that as well. If only I had as much time as I have things to do, it would all work out in the end.

– Off I go to figure out what we should eat for the next week, then figure out what we need to make the stuff we want to eat, then off to the grocery store.