My thoughts on life

June 8, 2005


If you read Morgan’s post, you already know that the duck did not make it. I think that’s really sad. At least I know that the poor thing didn’t have to suffer the indignity of being hit over and over again, then have its dead body run over in the street until it completely decomposed. Also, it was probably a lot more comfortable at Morgan’s place and got to die in peace.

– Last night I watched Farenheit 9/11 with Ethan. He hadn’t seen it before… I really do believe that everyone in America should watch it, but it is really difficult to view, and has made me cry both times I’ve seen it now. Of course, like anything of this nature, the people who really need to watch it would just say it’s all made up or that Micheal Moore is skewing things etc. Bleah. I don’t like to think about it.

– On a much happier note, Ethan and I were able to repot several plants last night, and put them in much better soil. As all of my plants require very well drained soil, we did a half and half mixture of potting soil and sand. We’ll have to watch over the next few weeks to see how things do, but I think the sand will help a lot with plant tippage. Two of the plants we repotted, a barrel cactus and a jade tree, both had very small root balls, probably because they were in too rich and dense of soil. Maybe soon I’ll be able to take more pictures and get more plants up on my succulents page. I haven’t looked at my web stats recently so I don’t know if anyone has even bothered looking, but they’re there.