My thoughts on life

June 3, 2005


Well, to those of you who may want to know (probably the people who REALLY want to know don’t even read this, but that’s not my fault, and I guess it’s not entirely my problem) I will be in the twin cities from late on the 11th to sometime on the 13th. My drawing class is going well. The prof recognizes that no one in the class thinks art is life, and he’s a pretty fair grader. I’m glad to know he doesn’t seem to think that we should be award winning artists to get an A.

– I did my first round of billing all by myself this week. It was… tiring. On Wednesday, I worked nine hours straight without a break. I probably could have taken one, but that would have required me to work even more frantically to get everything done. It normally wouldn’t be a big deal if I didn’t print bills until the next day, except one of the owners wanted to ‘audit’ bills, which means he wanted to look through stacks of almost 900 bills and look for errors. I think he caught something like 5 — and only one of those was actually an error, not just something peculiar about a persons’ bill. Anyway, He wanted to do it that night, so I had to finish printing. I went from work directly back to the studio to work for an hour, so I was basically working on something from 8 am to 8pm. Not my idea of wonderful. On Thursday I almost had to do the folding, stuffing, inserting, sealing and stamping by myself, and that took all day, with support calls speckled in there to spice things up. I guess I’m glad that bills come once a month, and will be much easier soon.

– If anyone has any experience with a chinchilla flying saucer wheel please let me know. They’re pricey, but I’m interested in buying one, and they look like they’re very high quality and enjoyable for the chinnies. Blarh, that’s enough for today.