My thoughts on life

May 30, 2005


Egad! I started my drawing class. I think it will be a managable amount of work expcept for one small detail: everytime the prof says the classroom will be open for us, campus security goes and locks it. It’s difficult to complete assignments when you can’t get at a room to draw them. At least the prof is really understanding about this and has pushed back the deadline for a few assignments.

– The plague at work has finally caught me. Of our staff of five, Josh and Ethan are the only people who haven’t gotten it, probably because Josh is never in the office and Ethan is immune to any illness I contract. All he has to do is wait it out until I get sick, then he’s home free. I think it’s more that I’m just a very sickly person and he’s not for whatever reason. I’ve been miserable since Friday though. Bleah. I think I might be feeling a bit better now though. Either that or the Ibuprofen is still doing its thing.

– I keep meaning to post more regularly again, and I probably will once I’m more settled into my new routine. Change upsets me (which is probably why I got sick in the first place) and then I lose my ability to do day to day things. Now instead I just neuotically check my e-mail. It’s kind of funny.