My thoughts on life

February 19, 2005


I noticed something the other day. One of my cactuses which, to be perfectly honest has done no more than look like it is slowly dying since I got it, decided to flower, a lot. I have some pictures which I plan to post soon with other cactus flower pictures. It would help if I knew what species of cactus I had. This newly flowering one is quite the sad specimen. It grew a bit too heavy for it’s size and began to tip… and tip… and is now nearly horizontal. I made more than one attempt to prop it upright, but to no avail. I thought it was just unhappy. The flowers prove I was incorrect in this matter. Why is it that the plants I want to flower (like my crazy long aporocactus) haven’t yet my plants that I happen to buy at Walmart that slowly collapse over time do? The world may never know.