My thoughts on life

February 18, 2005 Personal

Eggrolls and Computer Cleanups

I got a deep-fryer from my parents. They never used it and I had an idea it would be handy for eggrolls. Turns out I was right. It’s also really nice for making fried tortilla strips for tortilla soup. Ethan and I were thinking of making our own chips, but we haven’t gotten around to that yet.

– I’m still much busier than I would care to be. I’m pretty sure that’s making me rather irritable and not terribly pleasant to be around. I am really ready for a break of some kind.

– At work recently we’ve had a slew of computers coming in for repair. This is thanks to Jessi, who is far superior to Ken the moron when it comes to managing/marketing. Hopefully the owners will notice that we have lots more work and therefore lots more money and they can give Ethan more hours. We actually have almost more computers than we can handle because we often have two or less, usually none. Recently we’ve had no fewer than four in at any given time. The trouble with this is, we really only have one designated station for working on the computers, and we recently have been taking down one of the support computers so we can work on two at a time. We really need to do something to make the whole process more efficient. At least at the moment it is keeping us busy at work. The only thing worse than being busy is being busy with being bored. Half the time at work there is nothing to do so you end up just sitting there waiting for something to happen.