My thoughts on life

December 18, 2004


I’m so tired. It feels like this is the third Saturday in a row. All three of my finals are on Monday and Tuesday so I have this strange break and I’ve worked longer shifts these days so I feel all out of whack. I’m glad the semester is almost at its end. This evening there might be a shindig for my friend Toby who is apparently moving to Illinois (things you find out when you have been out of touch with someone for a few weeks… ) Angie and Toby are no longer Angie and Toby, it seems so strange. No matter what else happens, Ethan is coming up and finally he’s not coming to visit (happy dance). There’s still going to be some back and forth but it will be of the moving sort, not “I’m going home now, I’ll see you in a week.”

– Hmm, one of those people who seems travel in a cloud of smoke just came into the office. It’s strange, whenever that happens the office smells for about 2 – 3 hours. I wonder if people realize that or if they are immune to the smell of stale cigarettes. I have to find it amusing (though sometimes very very awful) when people bring in their computer and that smells like cigarette smoke and stinks up the office. As a fairly non-permeable thing one might think it couldn’t have that much odor but apparently that’s not the case. I bet that’s good for the motherboard/disk drives/processor. Nothing like covering delicate electronics in tar and smoke residue. Bleah.

– I just started on The Dark Tower VII, the final book. I may just breeze through it in a week at the rate I’m going. It will be sad when it’s over. I’ve read the first four books of the series at least three or four times now and I read five and six as soon as they were available at the library. I plan on getting them as soon as they’re out on paperback (Wolves of the Calla, number five, already is but just came out and is a bit difficult to find at the moment). Maybe I should just wait and buy a nice expensive edition of all of them together. I’ve never had nice books before. It might be nice to take the plunge on a series that I really enjoy.