My thoughts on life

December 15, 2004


Pester is trying to shove himself into the heavy duty plastic bags they give you at the book store here. Perhaps it’s an attempt at suicide because everyone is too busy to pet him. I know how he feels. Hmm, maybe I should set up next year’s posts so that they have the time as well as the day and date. I could almost do that with this year, except I think I started the database for these a bit into the year so many would say midnight. Somehow though, I suspect that no matter how frequently I post, I’m still not going to get any responses. Where are all my friends? Perhaps they’ve gone forever. I haven’t heard from Wren in a few weeks I think. Maybe some guy in Venezuela abducted her and… I don’t want to think about that. One would hope if that happened her family would have had the heart to let me know. I need to go to class. Then I have to write up a short presentation (very short) in Italian about a website I’ve only looked at twice. Then I get to give said presentation. At least I’m done after that. All done.