My thoughts on life

December 9, 2004


A step in the right direction it’s just on the wrong side of the border. What the hell is wrong with Americans that they feel so uptight about their sexuality so as to deny others the right to marry? I don’t understand.


I’m currently trying not to kill my cats. Pester decided to try and wake me up by going on my night stand. He does this rather frequently. Today when I sat up to shoo him away, he leapt off and knocked my touch lamp I’ve had since first grade, which I had to save up money for over a few months and I cherish dearly, onto the floor, breaking one of the glass panels in the shade. Now he’s waltzing around trying to get my attention so maybe I’ll feed him. (shudder) There’s a store that used to exist and maybe still does where I could possibly get a replacement panel, but I doubt they have a match and they sell them in sets and they’re not exactly cheap. I can’t believe my stupid cat broke my lamp after it remained unscathed for fourteen years. Many of those when I was a child. I’m currently sort of keeping him at bay with a spray bottle. Arrr…