My thoughts on life

December 8, 2004


Hmm, I started this a while ago, but got distracted and then closed the window so I could play Battleship. I won Battleship at least. Anyway, I got my new harddrive installed, I got my old installations of XP removed, I have my two new installations all taken care of (finally) and I got to find out how to edit my BOOT.INI file so that everything worked well. Thank you Ethan for putting up with me this weekend when I was so stressed out about the whole thing. I don’t remember if I said that before or not, but there you have it.

– Tonight I hung out at my Italian prof’s house (which was strange) but there were quite a few people there and lots of strange things were discussed, none of it in Italian. We had Italian food though. There were two really nice dogs there as well.

– The last few days have been nice. Ethan was up and we.. well, we watched a lot of Daria and made an actual meal with a main course and side dishes. I was kind of proud of myself. We also took the cats outside to experience the snow for the first time. Pester couldn’t handle the newness of it all (surprise surprise) and Peeve kept walking around shaking his feet. It was all very cute.

– Also this weekend I played the flute (I know, I know, it’s difficult to believe I play the flute) for the Christmas Choir concert. We had three performances, all went well, especially considering we had no director and had only had five rehearsals.